93 minutes | Mar 7th 2020

Episode #199 - True One Hit Wonders and The Greatness You Missed

Welcome to March, avid listeners! Springtime here in the states, a time of awakening and renewal as winter attempts to hold areas in her icy grip to no avail. With that in mind, we're going to visit those true one hit wonders from the 80's. While some of these bands may have had a bit of a chart showing in their home countries after a smash hit, overall they never got past the winter of their chart success. It's a shame, because these bands still had a lot to offer, which we'll share in this podcast. Enjoy!Track Listing:1) Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven) - Dexy's Midnight Runners2) TV - Flying Lizards3) Mind Of A Toy4) News At Ten - The Vapors5) Anitina (The First Time I See Her Dance) - M.A.R.R.S.6) Runaway - Freur7) Babydoll - Laurie Anderson8) Hurt - Re-Flex9) Moonlight And Muzak - M10) Wonderland - Big Country11) Johnny Friendly - JoBoxers12) John Wayne Is Big Leggy - Haysi Fantayzee13) Six Months In A Leaky Boat - Split Enz14) High Time - Icicle Works15) Paint By Number Heart - Martha And The Muffins16) Pop Goes the World - Men Without Hats17) The Plastic Age - The Buggles18) You're The Only Love - Payola$19) Let It All Hang Out - The Nails20) Far Side Of Crazy - Wall Of Voodoo21) The Man With The Four-Way Hips - Tom Tom Club22) Milk From The Coconut - Toto Coelo
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