48 minutes | Sep 4th 2020

Jayme’s ”Empty Life to Thriving Fulfilled Life” God Story

In this Episode, I interview Jayme Elizabeth of Austin, Texas! Jayme is a Christian wife, Mama of 3 and Women’s Ministry leader and lives in Austin, Texas.  Jayme is also the talented podcast host of “She Speaks Life” and shares women’s God stories on her podcast! She has a passion for teaching and inspiring women to grow in God's word and values the authenticity of God stories.  In our conversation, Jayme shares her God story of what brought her to podcasting.  She also shares her story of how her empty lifestyle filled with materialism crumbled due to a 2008 economic downturn resulting in the loss of her home and other material possessions and a need to relocate to a new city far from her home.  Jayme also shares the inner God transformation she experienced in this transition by putting HIM on the throne, which has brought unexpected blessings to her and her family as they rebuilt their lives in Austin, Texas on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Enjoy listening to Jayme’s God story!       
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