36 minutes | Mar 5th 2021

444: Want to Succeed? Stop Planning To Fail | Real Talk Friday

“If a goal isn’t going well, it’s probably your approach and not that you are destined to fail.” – Ted Ryce    People look for reasons why they can’t succeed in their goals. In this episode, we talk about how you can stop planning to fail and achieve your biggest goals in life. We discuss confirmation bias, the human tendency to seek, interpret, and remember information that confirms preexisting beliefs.  There are belief systems that control our lives, and they may not be true or helpful, so we need to challenge them in order to live a better life. It is important to examine where confirmation bias can keep you stuck in a particular tactic that isn’t achieving the desired goal, or keeping you from trying at all.  Confirmation bias could be crushing your life, and it’s probably showing up through a lack of results. We talk as if we are experts when we discuss the reasons we aren’t succeeding, but you are not an expert. You are not getting results, but you believe that you have the answer.  What You Will Learn 7:33 – What is confirmation bias?  14:02 – Recognize confirmation bias within yourself   16:41 – How to stop sabotaging yourself    Tools to Overcome Confirmation Bias  Stop internalizing the failure. It’s not you, it’s the approach you are taking.  Focus less on being right and more on approaching the situation objectively.  Use calming skills and practices to keep your emotions in check.  Hire a coach if you are struggling with something to gain that objective perspective.    Can you Help Me Improve The Legendary Life Podcast & Serve You Better? >>Yes, I'm Happy To Help. Please, go to http://www.legendarylifepodcast.com/survey
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