69 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

Episode 39: Lentine Alexis, the Athletic Alchemist

On this episode: Le Cordon Bleu, instant pot vs crock pot, good poop, and probably a spy. We’re talking with Lentine Alexis, former pro endurance athlete, and a chef who specializes in food for athletes and adventurers — an “athletic alchemist.” Show Notes 00:40 – Introducing Lentine 04:20 – Pivoting from professional endurance athlete to chef 09:15 – Bikepacking in Morocco 10:24 – Eating real food when traveling 12:42 – Training as an endurance athlete while living on a small island in the South Pacific (and on track to becoming a spy) 15:00 – The biggest misconceptions about what athletes should (or should not) eat 18:40 – Working with athletes to determine what food they need 20:30 – Ayurveda health and the science of how all life functions 23:20 – Lentine’s secret weapon: the Instant Pot (and some of her favorite uses for it) 29:40 – The truth about which rice is “healthier” for you 33:20 – Thoughts on food sensitivity 35:30 – Poop! 37:25 – The impact of how food is cultivated today 41:10 – What to eat to fuel an all-day adventure 47:20 – Where she worked in LA 47:50 – Lentine’s recipe club 53:20 – The “bad” foods 59:15 – Why Jason can just smell bread and put on five pounds 64:50 – How long does it take food to work through your system? Connect with Lentine! Find Lentine online at lentinealexis.com Find Lentine on Instagram: @lentinealexis Join Lentine’s recipe club Connect with us! Like Almost There on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/almostthereadventurepodcast/ Follow Almost There on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/almostthere_ap/  Send us a voice message! https://www.speakpipe.com/AlmostThere Our Co-hosts Jason Fitzpatrick – IG: @themuirproject Saveria Tilden – IG: @adventuruswomen  web: AdventurUsWomen.com Jeff Hester – IG: @thesocalhiker  web: SoCalHiker.net Theme song by Opus Orange. Courtesy of Emoto Music.  The Almost There Adventure Podcast is a celebration of outdoor activities both local and epic. Discussing the big topics and talking to adventurers, artists, legends and activists within the outdoor community.
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