56 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Episode 38: Randy Wharton on Trail Building, Multi-Day SUPs and Joining the Circus

On this episode: multi-day SUPs, back-breaking-but-rewarding work, and running away to join the circus. We’re talking with Wild Trails founder and executive director Randy Wharton about his unusual journey to trail building, ultra running, and backpacking and then SUP-ing across the state of Tennessee. Show Notes 00:40 – Introducing Randy 04:00 – The trail system in Chatanooga, Tennessee 05:50 – How trails are made and maintained (and how pizza and beer factors in) 16:15 –  The Wild Trails race series 20:00 – Stage racing  24:50 – The 516-mile Big Cumberland Loop: A big trail and SUP adventure 43:10 – Fastpacking, bikepacking and more upcoming adventure plans 47:30 – Joining the circus and high diving Mentioned in this Show The Cumberland Trail Wild Trails Connect with us! Like Almost There on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/almostthereadventurepodcast/ Follow Almost There on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/almostthere_ap/  Send us a voice message! https://www.speakpipe.com/AlmostThere Our Co-hosts Jason Fitzpatrick – IG: @themuirproject Saveria Tilden – IG: @adventuruswomen  web: AdventurUsWomen.com Jeff Hester – IG: @thesocalhiker  web: SoCalHiker.net Theme song by Opus Orange. Courtesy of Emoto Music.  The Almost There Adventure Podcast is a celebration of outdoor activities both local and epic. Discussing the big topics and talking to adventurers, artists, legends and activists within the outdoor community.
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