63 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Episode 34: Maggie Slepian on Backpacking and Writing About the Outdoors

On this episode: cats in small children’s clothing, glamour versus reality, and what exactly is a thru-hike? We’re talking with another awesome woman of the outdoors as part of Women’s History Month: Maggie Slepian, hiker, writer, outdoors person and cat dresser. Show Notes 02:00 – How Jason almost knows Maggie (involves the Colorado Trail and an FKT) 06:00 – Backpacking, Thru-hiking, and trail cred 14:00 – Finding peace in backpacking without fear of judgement (it’s not about how fast or far you go) 16:25 – Backpacking is not all sunshine and unicorns (and how do we accurately portray our outdoor experiences on social media?) 26:45 – Signs on summits 34:30 – Maggies pandemic project: Backpacking Routes 41:42 – How hard it is to make a living as a freelance outdoor writer 44:00 – What happens in your “dream 2021?” Four thru-hikes: one in each season. 46:15 – When does a backpacking trip become a thru-hike? (And does it really matter?!) 60:01 – Where you can find Maggie online Mentioned in this Show The Colorado Trail, and Jeff “Legend” Garmire‘s FKT You’re Still a Backpacker Even if You’re Not Thru-Hiking The Triple Crown: The PCT, CDT and AT As of the end of the 2018 application period, there have been a total of 396 recognized triple crowners. Why Is it So Hard to Honestly Portray Backpacking on Social Media? Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge The Wonderland Trail A plethora of signs on Strawberry Peak BackpackingRoutes.com Trans-Catalina Trail American Hiking Society GaiaGPS Find Maggie Online maggieslepian.com Instagram: maggie_slepian backpackingroutes.com Connect with us! Like Almost There on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/almostthereadventurepodcast/ Follow Almost There on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/almostthere_ap/  Send us a voice message! https://www.speakpipe.com/AlmostThere Our Co-hosts Jason Fitzpatrick – IG: @themuirproject Saveria Tilden – IG: @adventuruswomen  web: AdventurUsWomen.com Jeff Hester – IG: @thesocalhiker  web: SoCalHiker.net Theme song by Opus Orange. Courtesy of Emoto Music.  The Almost There Adventure Podcast is a celebration of outdoor activities both local and epic. Discussing the big topics and talking to adventurers, artists, legends and activists within the outdoor community.
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