76 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

Ep. 372 - Healing The Mother Wound

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No matter how wonderful our mothers are, we all carry trauma from our early childhood related to them. Krista has been on a long healing journey to recover from the abandonment issues, insecurity, codependency, and narcissism that’s followed her from that relationship. And when you’re thinking about starting a family—there’s no way you want your kids treating you the way you treated your mom. Not happening. This is for all the people that felt ashamed when they didn’t have that beautiful, nurturing relationship with their mom. If you’re struggling in life to overcome the baggage created by your parents, take what you can from Krista’s own work of healing, moving on, and reforging a new relationship with her mother.


We also talk about:

  • Doing the work to heal the mother wound
  • The issues formed through Krista’s childhood
  • The coping mechanisms for that trauma
  • Letting go of your past relationship
  • Releasing expectations
  • Showing up in your relationship
  • Leaning into the sister relationship
  • Being conscious of the messages we pass to our daughters
  • Looking at our damage


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