65 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

Ep. 370 - Immunity + Your Microbiome with Seed Founder Ara Katz

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This year, one of the most important topics to discuss is immune health. We have to begin understanding our body better, understanding our microbiome, and learning what we can do to improve our immunity and brain function through the microbiome. So K+L sat down with Ara Katz, co-founder of Seed, who is totally redefining how the supplement industry is educating consumers on what they put into their bodies.


We also talk about:

  • How the microbiome correlates to immunity
  • The tradeoffs involved in sanitation
  • What prevents people from having a healthy microbiome
  • What to eat to support your gut microbiome
  • How sugar affects your microbiome
  • Respecting the planet as much as our bodies


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