109 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

Ep. 365 - Human Design + Healing Your Relationship with Money with Jas the Moon Mother

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Jas the Moon Mother recently entered our orbit and has already been a grounding force in elevating our understanding of our purpose.  Jas is a human design guide and energy healer who is passionate about awakening your soul’s purpose and self-sovereignty. She’s always been years ahead of the crowd, but because of that she never really felt like part of the crowd. When she experienced her spiritual awakening, she realized how connected all life on earth is and how much we impact each other, which led to the realization that we are all part of the same source—we are all God. In this enlightening conversation, the girls talk about human design, Jas’ calling, spirituality in general, God, Christ consciousness, transformation, and our broken views about money. 


We also talk about:

  • Being ahead of your time
  • Healing your relationship with money
  • How what we do affects people’s lives
  • Jas’ spiritual awakening
  • Zero-point manifestation
  • Applying human design in your life
  • Reprogramming your life for the life you want
  • The connection between human design and purpose


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