90 minutes | Mar 5th 2019

Ep. 199 - Investing, Gender Pay Gap, and Financial Wellness For Women with Ellevest Founder Sallie Krawcheck

You’ve asked for more episodes on financial wellness, and we’re listening! Today on the podcast we are excited to welcome Sallie Krawcheck is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, a digital financial advisor for women, and serves as the Chair of Ellevate Network. Her mission is to get more money into the hands of women in order for them to live better, more positive lives. Can we get an amen?! Sallie was recognized as a top female founder, and as the seventh most powerful woman in the world through various top media outlets. She’s changing the game, she’s thoughtful, and she’s funny. In today’s episode, the three of us talk about diversity and socioeconomic disparity, what it was like when Sallie entered the workforce, and the pay gap and investment gap between men and women.


We also talk about…


  • Being on Trevor Noah’s show
  • Being fired
  • Sallie’s relationship with her previous husband and her current husband
  • How men can support the movement
  • Raising a son + daughter with a better money relationship
  • How to invest with Ellevest


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