67 minutes | Jan 17, 2021

Ally, Erin, and Star Trek First Contact!

Star Trek: First Contact came out in 1996 and Ally and Erin are talking about it!Ally and Erin are friends and former co-workers. Ally is new to Star Trek, Erin is a lifelong fan. Today we take a special look at Erin's favorite Star Trek Film: First Contact!This week Erin explains deflectors, Worf being Klingon, and physics she learned from Stargate. Ally hasn't seen any TNG so she learns about the crew, the borg, and how long it's been since Data got it on. If you like our podcast we would love to hear from you, send us a message on twitter, facebook or instagram via @aemultiverse and subscribe to the podcast.Logo art by Leen IsabelThanks for your support, and don't forget to keep those blast shields up!
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