76 minutes | May 1, 2020

Episode 3: An Accomplished Woman

Olivia has survived the VR implant procedure and is ready to begin work as one of Rockville Softworks' beta players. She steps into Pride and Prejudice alongside the other players in her gaming party, and all seems to be going wonderfully...at first. But Olivia quickly learns that not everything--or everyone--is what it seems.Previously on Allworld Online:Olivia Crawford attended the orientation for new Rockville beta players and met her gaming party, which unfortunately included the jerk from the interview waiting room. Olivia’s doubts surface as she learns more about the dangers of the VR implants, and she starts to search for a way out of the deal she’s made. To help her decide what to do, she explores Allworld Online using her brother’s VR headset, emerging more confused than ever. In the end, a heartfelt gift from her brother pushes her over the edge, and she commits to going through with the VR implant procedure and becoming a beta player. After the procedure, she awakens into the hyper-realistic virtual world and meets her Gigi, a black cat named Loki, who ushers her into Allworld Online.***Allworld Online is a reader-driven web serial created by Lindsey Fairleigh. AO is made up of episodes and seasons, just like a good old fashioned TV show. Episodes air every other week until the season is complete (approximately 8 episodes). Each episode will be published as a podcast episode and will appear on Lindsey's website. And then the fun begins...In the week following each episode's release, YOU have the chance to vote on what happens next. To vote, you must be an active Patron of Allworld Online (find out more here). After voting closes, Lindsey has one week to write, polish, and record the next episode based on your choices.ALLWORLD ONLINE is an endless and abundant virtual world, programmed with playable and interactive versions of almost every video game, movie, TV show, and book ever created. Think of the Allworld Online web series as Westworld meets Ready Player One, with AI and virtual reality playing a massive role in pretty much everything.Read the episode here: https://www.lindseyfairleigh.com/allworld-onlineVote on what happens next: https://www.patreon.com/posts/episode-3-poll-36594437Join the Allworld Online Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theallworldFind out more about Lindsey Fairleigh: https://www.lindseyfairleigh.com/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/allworldonline)
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