46 minutes | Jun 5, 2016

Episode 003: Conversation (part 2 of 2) with Pat Daugherty

Welcome to the third episode of “Alloy: A Mixture of Music and Conversation.” If you listened to the previous episode of this podcast, you know that I split my conversation with Pat Daugherty across two podcast episodes. What you are currently listening to is part three. A link to the previous episode can be found via the Alloy webiste at alloypm.com or through your podcast app of choice. If you have not heard the first installment, I highy recommend giving it a listen before going further with this one. BUT…the choice is all yours. A little background about this podcast….this is still a relatively a new adventure for me so the format and focus of this show is bound to evolve and change over time. Thus far it is primarily an interview show with the goal being to spotlight a musician, band, or anyone in the greater music arena…including independent label representatives, writers, educators, in short, anyone involved in making and/or trying to figure out how to make and share their creative work. Which brings me to this current episode… As previously noted, this is a continuation of my conversation with artist, composer, musician, and modern day renaissance man, Pat Daugherty. Pat is perhaps best known for his work fronting the New York Electric Piano and we spoke in the friendly confines of my home studio not too long after the release of their most recent release, “Black Hole in One.” Give it a listen, it is excellent. On that note, for more background about this interview, the music played, and a more complete bio of Pat, checkout the show notes for this episode and/or listen to the previous episode. For more information about Pat Daugherty and New York Electric Piano, checkout this website. For more information about Alloy checkout the show’s site. Both episodes are sponsored by Whistlestop Bookshop. Reviews of the latest album from New York Electric Piano, Black Hole in One: from Jazz Weekly from Midwest Record Review from The Noise, Boston’s underground music site. Music featured in episode 2: Reboot (from Black Hole in One) Dying Calf in a Windstorm (from Black Hole in One) One Day (from Black Hole in One) This Time It’s On (from Keys to the City, Volumes 1 & 2) Planet Spins Around (from Keys to the City, Volumes 1 & 2) Black Hole in One (from Black Hole in One) Save the Date (from Black Hole in One) The Black Hole, the Lasso, and the Loophole (from King Mystery) Who Wants to Know (from Black Hole in One) Party On (from Black Hole in One) Scrapple for the Apple (from Keys to the City, Volumes 1 & 2) Music featured in episode 3: Scrapple for the Apple (from Keys to the City, Volumes 1 & 2) One Day (from Black Hole in One) Spiral Loop (from Daughters of the American Revolution) Reboot (from Black Hole in One) Videos Video from Dance of the Hours: Galaxy Bombers Pat Daugherty: Choreography via youtube channel America’s Next Top Contest Part 1 Norton Wisdom and NYEP’s “Party On” video Musicians Mentioned aaron comess steve smitty till behler: NYEP sax on King Mystery kurt rosenwinkel phineas newborn junior clyde clifford radio show known as: Beaker Street todd rundgren (“a true wizard, a true star”) paul taylor dance co. james tenney melanie provenzano (painter/artist) recording engineer: roman klun herbert brun and sal martirano salmar construction; electronic instrument leon gruenbaum plays the “samchillian” an electronic keyboard instrument teddy kumpel banyan mike stern bill frisell michael daugherty: pat’s brother,also a musician tommy d: pat’s other brother (hip-hop mixer) roscoe mitchell gil scott heron bruce arkin: drummer vasco de gama: pat’s former band coldplay the replacements (“alex chilton”) jane’s addiction dave douglas w/trisha brown dance company eric lewis john zorn mulgrew miller earthhour.org Bell Labs “Theory of Information” eric lawrence (saxophonist on keys to the city; played with henry butler and levon helm’s band) Links Send feedback about this podcast. Follow the show on Twitter: @alloypm Subscribe to this podcast via iTunes  
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