64 minutes | Mar 27th 2013

W Earl Brown Pt 1: To Deadwood & Back

Actor, producer and writer W Earl Brown sits down with Paul Morrissey for this episode of the Alley Oop Podcast. The fellas discuss growing up in rural towns and early comedy influences like John Belushi, SCTV, Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, Eddie Murphy and Franklyn Ajaye. Earl also talk about what it's like to work with people that he idolized as a kid.  He discusses his experiences working on "Backdraft", Deadwood and with the Farrelly Brothers in the movie "Their Something About Mary."    Earl talks about producing his own movie Bloodworth, his phone call from David Milch to tell him that Deadwood was cancelled and the ups and downs of working in Hollywood.  Earl also discusses how he keeps his passion to create and how he was responsible for his friend, singer Steve Earle,  playing a character on Deadwood who ends up having sex with a horse during one episode.  
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