78 minutes | Apr 3rd 2013

Larry Miller: Put Moron #2 on the phone

The great comedian, actor, and writer Larry Miller joins Paul on this episode of the Alley Oop. The two became close friends since working at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach together a few years back.  Larry told Paul's parents he was one of the good ones, which made his mom and dad feel good about his path as a comedian.  Paul gives Larry a gift--a Jerry Garcia tie, which meant a lot because he's been holding on to for awhile. They haven't seen each other since Larry had a serious fall last year and was hospitalized, but Larry is back and healthy as ever which Paul was happy to see, and even happier to finally give him the tie.   Larry discusses his comedy beginning, auditioning as a drummer/comedian at the Comic Strip Live in NYC, where Jerry Seinfeld was on stage the first time he ever set foot in a comedy club. Seinfeld and Miller have been best friends since that time and continue to work together.  In fact, is it true that the two friends even traded each other's acts a few times? Paul talks about the best comedy show he's ever seen- Seinfeld & Larry Miller at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.   Larry talks about how he was really inspired and amazed when saw Bill Cosby at Carnegie Hall with Seinfeld and some other comedian friends. Larry plays drums, piano and cello. Just in the last few years, he's incorporated music and singing into his one man show "Cocktails with Larry Miller."   Paul admits to taking a tapdancing class, and Larry doesn't judge, replying "It's good to be in showbusiness."    Paul asks Larry to discuss the beginnings and evolution of his legendary standup piece "The Five Levels Of Drinking." The two discuss their love of the movie "Midnight Run", and Paul coaxes him into telling stories about Val Kilmer and the famous Dennis Farina  "Secret to Showbusiness" story that Paul loves to hear.   Larry admits to being a Grateful Deadhead. The two share a great moment and Larry says he will buy a tie for Paul the next time he sees him. 
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