57 minutes | May 7th 2013

Jim Gaffigan: Dad Is Fat

For this episode, Paul catches up with his old buddy, comedian Jim Gaffigan,  and they discuss Jim's new book "Dad Is Fat" which was released on May 7th, and available at bookstores now! Jim discusses the inspiration of the book, his life with his wife raising 5 children in New York City.  The two reminisce about doing shows years ago in NYC and touring together.  Jim is also fascinated about Paul's weird food habits and preferences. Especially the fact that Paul has never tried guacamole.  They discuss trying bone marrow at a dinner they had an Paul's friends high end restaurant in NYC. They also talk about Jim's climb to standup success with his 3, 1 hour comedy specials.   Then the two get into some sports talk when they discuss growing up in small towns and also we found out both Jim and Paul had to wear eye patches when they were kids. Jim talks about his wrestling and college football career. The fact that football practice gave him nightmares, and the intimidation tactics the football coaches at Georgetown tried to use on him to keep Jim from quitting the team.   The two talk about Jim's future plans, the benefits of being underestimated, and avoiding humiliation in showbusiness.  To purchase "Dad Is Fat" online, go to www.jimgaffigan.com 
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