26 minutes | Jul 15, 2019

Episode 64: I Just Work Here: Pam Brown, "Day Off"

So, let's say it's your day off. You get some friends together, make some plans, and head out for a day filled with anything - anything - but work. You know what comes next, right? Your services are required. Duty calls. Do you answer? When retired DEA agent Pam Brown took the stage at All Y'all Live: I Just Work Here in April 2017, she reflected on an unusual ethical conflict at the office ("the office," in this case, being a beachfront bar in Cocaine Cowboys-era Miami). It's a story about grey areas, moral ambiguities, and "doing the right thing for the wrong reason." Live storytelling just 2 weeks away All Y’all Live: Wildcard 2 will be held at 7:30 p.m., Friday, July 26 at RSVP (formerly Maurice’s Bar) in Shreveport. Purchase tickets: http://allyallblog.com/tickets During Wildcard events, any audience member may be called onstage to tell the best true story that they know – it’s 50% live storytelling event, 50% party. There’ll be a cash bar, live musical interludes, and more. Seating is limited; grab your tickets today. Please Support Our Sponsors We have wonderful sponsors in Marilynn’s Place and Maccentric. Please help us thank them for their patronage by doing business with them whenever you need someone to feed you a po’ boy or fix your Apple products.Sponsored By:
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