22 minutes | May 7th 2019

What's coming to CS + real talk about Gringo's and Buc-ee's

College Station Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz and Communications Director Jay Socol have a jaunty (thanks, thesaurus!) discussion about some businesses either recently on the ground or at least have a really good shot at it. But they also talk about one that appeared to be a sure thing until...it wasn't: Gringo's. Back in aspirational mode, Nat explains how genuine the interest is from Buc-ee's in a College Station location vs. her own wishful thinking. Also discussed: Why it matters so much that extensions to Lakeway Drive and Pebble Creek Parkway are now open (hint: Midtown). And for those brave enough to sample the video version of this episode, we apologize profusely for obscuring Nat's face with the new microphone. A partial Nat eclipse was definitely visible to the naked eye. Video version + transcript
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