18 minutes | Aug 9th 2020

All Up In Your Budget - Ep. 3 (Expenses)

After a multi-month, coronavirus-inspired break, we're back -- this time with a special miniseries: Four episodes that focus on the College Station's proposed budget for fiscal year 2021. We're calling it All Up In Your Budget. The idea is to take a 330-page budget document and explain the big ideas in it, the changes caused by this health and economic crisis, how sustainable we think those are and what it means to our residents. This is a budget year like no other and we want to make sure that residents and taxpayers understand what's in it, what's not in it and why.   Fiscal Services Director Mary Ellen Leonard Communications Director Jay Socol   Episode-1: Conditions Episode-2: Revenues Episode-4: Capital projects and tourism   View the entire proposed budget document at cstx.gov/budget
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