32 minutes | Oct 23rd 2019

Episode 56 - Aaron Dunford

Catch Aaron Dunford, founder of Fusion peak Professional Cycling in this episode of the ALl Torque Podcast. Aaron is originally from Vancouver Island Canada and moved to Australia to start his business.  In this episode, Aaron talks about cycling, bike fitting, and everything in between. With formal training from Serotta, Trek Bicycles and some of the worlds’ greatest fitters, he has accumulated knowledge and ability to fit existing bikes, whether it’s road, time trial, triathlon and mountain bike along with custom cycling prosthetic design and construction. In this episode we cover: The story of how Fusion Peak in Sydney, Australia started. Aaron tells us about the services they offer such as aerodynamic analysis, size cycle and frame design, bike fit, shoes and cleats, mountain bike suspension and cycling prosthetic and innovation and also 3D printing. Let's talk about.  Interesting tips on bike fitting and improving your performance. How they became known in the industry and how they help cyclists improve their performance, bikes and gears. The changes that mountain bike fits and suspensions can bring to your cycling. Aaron tells us about working with Gerard Cushion, how long he built the prosthetic, and the period it took him to test the product and have the success he achieved. Links: Fusion Peak Fusion Peak Twitter Fusion Peak Facebook Fusion Peak Phone Number: 0449 665 151 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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