33 minutes | Oct 2nd 2019

Episode 55 - Jean Paul Ballard

In Episode 55 of the All Torque Podcast, I interview Jean-Paul Ballard, the CEO and Co-Founder of Swiss Side Wheels. Before working full time for Swiss Side in 2014, he worked as a lead engineer in Formula 1 motor racing teams for 14 years. Swiss Side is the leading aerodynamic specialist in the cycling industry. They push the boundaries of aerodynamics design, construction and materials to bring cycling wheels into a new era. The company was founded in 2012 and really kicked off in 2014 with the first Aero Hadrons 625 Aero Wheel. Jean-Paul leads the company together with Dr. Seamus Mullarkey, former Head of Aerodynamics from the Sauber, now Alfa Romeo F1 Team for 20 years. In this episode we cover: The interesting story of how Jean Paul started Swiss Side. Balancing his career at F1 while pursuing his interest for cycling. His work with individual athletes and teams in Swiss Side’s support arm. The tests and measurements they take and make that helps improve athlete performance and allows them to find the best set-ups and equipment for their specific needs. Jean Paul shares how their data has helped them and gives us an example of what they have changed and improved as a result. Using the best equipment for each athlete depending on the race conditions. Jean Paul discusses aerodynamics versus weight. Tips for athletes, in particular cyclists, triathletes in improving their performance. Jean Paul shares a funny story with us. Links: Talks at Google: Jean Paul Ballard Jean Paul Ballard Instagram Swiss Side Website Swiss Side Facebook Swiss Side Instagram Swiss Side YouTube Swiss Side Twitter See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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