37 minutes | Aug 28th 2019

Episode 54 - Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones, Founder and Publisher of Bicycles Network Australia joins us in Episode 54 of the All Torque Podcast as we talk about how fulfilling this passion of building this community has helped and educated thousands of cyclists around the country. Apart from managing the website, he works as the Creative Director of Signale in Germany for 19 years now and has been a Wheelchair Support Cyclist in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival for over 6 years. Bicycles Network Australia is a thriving forum of over 220,000 monthly readers. It is a safe haven for cyclists to connect and discuss anything and everything about cycling. The website publishes regular cycling news and reviews, targeted advertising strategies, and the Australian Cycling Industry survey, analysis and reports. In this episode we cover: The story of what sparked Christopher’s interest in cycling to fulfilling his passion of starting Bicycles Network Australia. Keeping Bicycles Network Australia as a free resource for cyclists that works in the interest of the community. How the website makes money. The benefits of having and participating in the forums. E-bikes and cargo bikes as transportation options for people. Holland and Denmark as the world leaders in cycling infrastructure and social integration for cycling.  How the rest of Europe compares to Holland and Denmark in terms of cycling. The changes that Bicycles Network Australia has gone through over the years. Christopher shares funny cycling stories he has experienced Links: Bicycles Network Australia Website Bicycles Network Australia Facebook Bicycles Network Australia Instagram Bicycles Network Australia Twitter Bicycles Network Australia YouTube See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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