25 minutes | Aug 14th 2019

Episode 53 - Sergey Lagutin

In Episode 53 of the All Torque Podcast, Sergey Lagutin, a coach and trainer for elite performance athletes and a superior sprinter and race strategist, joins us to share his story expertise in cycling. Sergey is a former Russian pro-cyclist who now lives in New Jersey, Pennsylvania USA. With over 37 years of experience as an Olympic and professional road cyclist, and winning multiple titles, Sergey now uses his experience for effective preparation, strategy and tactics to guide his athletes to create and significantly improve their own personal best times. In this episode we cover: The story of how Sergey’s started his career in cycling and racing to where he is now. His life in the US as a retired cyclist. Sergey’s journey as a cyclist, competing in various races and tours around the world. Joining RusVelo and his experience in racing in Europe. The differences in management and support that he got from different teams he joined. His experience in the three Olympics he joined. The learnings he took from the worst year of his career. How race strategies have helped him and his athletes. Sergey shares a funny story from when he was a sprinter. The changes he saw in the Tour Down Under race through the years.   Links: Sergey Lagutin LinkedIn  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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