27 minutes | Jul 31st 2019

Episode 52 - Lee Riethmuller

In Episode 52 of the All Torque Podcast, Lee Reithmuller of Rocksy Handcycles chats with us about his interesting and inspiring story of creating adaptive mountain bikes as a side hustle. Lee helps “wheelies” get off flat surfaces and into the natural environment with their unique Off-Road Handcycles.  Lee has built different bikes over the years and personally facilitates the design and engineering contractors involved in creating the production of these adaptive mountain bikes in Australia. In this episode we cover:  Lee’s story and the highs and lows of his journey to do what he’s doing today. His inspiration in starting to make wheelchair bikes. Manufacturing their first prototype bike. The changes that his bikes have gone through over the years from the time he started to the present. Lee tells us more about developing his most recent bucket bike and his athlete, Daniel McCoy. Funny stories that Lee has had throughout his journey of creating bikes. The future of biking for athletes with disabilities. The most interesting things he has seen with the work that he does. The people and experiences that inspire Lee the most. Links Rocksy Mountain Bike Instagram Rocksy Mountain Bike FacebookSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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