35 minutes | Jul 17th 2019

Episode 51 - Gearoid Towey

In Episode 51 of the All Torque Podcast, Gearoid Towey, the Co-Founder of The Athlete Advantage and Crossing the Line Sport joins us to share his journey from being an Olympic rowing athlete to now working on their athlete development program in the space of mental health; supporting athletes, ex-athletes, personal development managers, coaches, clubs and federations together with The Final Whistle Group. Gearoid represented Ireland in the Olympics and is a 3-time Olympian and a former World Rowing Champion. After retiring, he has then moved to Australia and has worked in sport-related careers before finally founding Crossing the Line Sport where they support retired athletes and bring a global community together and co-founding The Athlete Advantage. In this episode we cover:  Gearoid’s story on how he got started in rowing, being an athlete, and competing in the Olympics to what he is doing today. His transition and retirement from the sport. He shares his experience in joining 3 Olympic Championships. Gearoid reminisces on his funniest experiences during the Olympics. He discusses why weight is one of the biggest challenges a rower faces when competing. Common problems that athletes go through. The most interesting thing he has seen in relation to athlete transition. The difference between Ireland and Australia in relation to mindset or the problems in handling life after sport. Gearoid tells us more about the Athlete Advantage Program which he is working with the Internation Cycling Executives Body on. Links The Athlete Advantage Website Crossing the Line Website Gearoid Towey LinkedInSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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