43 minutes | Jun 26th 2019

Episode 50 - Stuart Hinds

In Episode 50 of the All Torque Podcast, Stuart Hinds, an Australian Soft Tissue Therapist joins us to share his story and experience on his work process, working with Olympic athletes, and many more. Stuart has over 27 years of experience on his hands in the balance of tissue therapies, his professional practice. He pioneered his own technique for treating hip pain and dysfunction - the NAT Hip Technique.  He regularly holds lectures, writes articles and runs training workshops and professional mentoring sessions on his expertise. His website is an online education website that has a large range of professional development resources to support and extend the skills of remedial massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapists, chiropractors and other soft tissue therapists.  They offer trusted, quality educational products that earn you Continuing Professional Education. In this episode we cover:  Stuart’s story on how he got started and became a soft tissue therapist. His process of helping athletes at a holistic and more personal level, personalising each treatment depending on their needs and other contributing factors. His experience treating a frozen shoulder and how this jumpstarted him to develop his own hip technique. More information about Stuart’s YouTube Channel - the many topics he covers there and the users and viewers of his videos. Stuart shares the stand out stories of athletes who have competed in the olympics. He shares funny stories from his experiences. The future of recovery in Stuart’s view. The importance of rest and recovery. The most interesting things he has seen working with athletes. Links Stuart Hinds Website Stuart Hinds Twitter Stuart Hinds Facebook Stuart Hinds Instagram Stuart Hinds LinkedIn Stuart Hinds YouTube Premax WebsiteSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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