32 minutes | Jun 5th 2019

Episode 49 - Randall Cooper

Randall Cooper, Sports Physiotherapist and CEO & Founder of Premax, joins us in this episode to share with us interesting information on physiotherapy, the best recovery tools for athletes, strength training, and their products on Premax. Premax is a sports skincare company, with a range of products for cyclists, athletes and health practitioners. Premax supplies the likes of Team INEOS, Michelton-SCOTT, Cycling Australia, and the AIS; and many other athletes and teams all over the world. In this episode we cover:  The story of how Randall became a Sports Physiotherapist. The highlights of being a Sports Physiotherapist. Randall’s shares with us how he worked and helped athletes in the Olympics. Why cyclists need to do weights. The most important tool for recovery. The story of how Premax started and how cycling has played a major role in growing their brand. Their future plans for Premax. The most interesting and the funniest things he has seen as a Physio. Links Randall Cooper LinkedIn Premax Website Premax Facebook Page Premax Instagram Premax YouTube Premax Twitter Premax Blog Posts Should cyclists do weights? Why do cyclists get groin pain? What do modern elite athletes do to recover quickly? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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