38 minutes | May 22nd 2019

Episode 48 - Rob Crowe

Rob Crowe OAM, Founder of Ridewiser, joins us in Episode 48 of the All Torque Podcast to talk about improving mental health and well-being through balanced cycling. Rob is an Olympic-level cyclist, a motivational presenter and Ridewiser Ergo Instructor. Ridewiser Ergo trains your cycling engine. It is the ultimate physical, mental and social cycling development experience. It helps you improve techniques and achieve your cycling goals, whether it’s to awaken your top-end powers or build your engine from the ground up. In this episode we cover:  The story of how Rob started in sport to where he is today. Learnings he took from  Heiko Salzwedel. The percentage of work and colours that Rob is willing to train in. Rob’s suggestion on the length of exercise you need. The funniest things that’s happened in his classes. Rob’s opinion on the future of cycling. His training events and ride with St. Kilda Cycling Club. Links Ridewiser Website Ridewiser Facebook Ridewiser InstagramSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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