22 minutes | May 1st 2019

Episode 46 - Bridie O’Donnell

Bridie O’Donnell, Head of the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, joins us in this episode of the All Torque podcast to talk about her career as a cyclist; the advances, problems and opportunities in the space of women in sport in Australia; and her memoir on her life as a pro cyclist. Bridie is a medical doctor who has a passion for sports and pursued careers in rowing, triathlon and cycling. She is a 2016 world-record breaker who has set a mark in the Women's UCI Hour Record Book. She is also the author of “Life and Death: A Cycling Memoir” which is her story of triumph and hard work to achieve her dreams. In this episode we cover:  Bridie’s journey from practising her profession as a doctor and as a national rower,  to becoming a pro cyclist. How her background as a medical doctor helped in her pro cycling career. Physical and psychological differences in her sports in relation to her mindset. Exciting things about the Victorian government providing funding for women in sport to encourage greater participation. Problems and barriers in sport for women. The participation of women in the coaching and management of sport in Australia and other countries. The opportunities that Bridie sees evolving and her thoughts on the support of other states for prioritizing funding. The story behind what prompted her to write her Book “Life and Death: A Cycling Memoir” Links Bridie O’Donnel Twitter Bridie O’Donnel LinkedIn Life and Death: A Cycling MemoirSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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