23 minutes | Apr 3rd 2019

Episode 43 - Hannah Macdougal

In this episode, Hannah Macdougall shares her impressive story of being an elite paralympian athlete representing Australia in various games and championships for both swimming and cycling. She has won numerous medals from Silver to Gold in several games for both sports. Hannah’s extensive experience and background as an athlete has allowed her to become a role model, ambassador, advocate and many more for different organizations She holds a PhD in Athlete Well-Being, she is a Community Engagement Advisor with Victoria State Emergency Services, and her goal is to assist communities and people to achieve their highest potential. In this episode we cover:  Hannah’s story starting with how she started to swim competitively and then shifting to cycling. What made her switch from swimming to cycling. Something people don’t know about Hannah. Her preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. What she would have done differently knowing what she knows now. Hannah’s advice to young athletes today. A funny story about her experience while public speaking in schools. How she is managing her work-life balance. Links Hannah Macdougall Website Hannah Macdougall Facebook Hannah Macdougall Twitter Hannah Macdougall Instagram Hannah Macdougall LinkedInSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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