17 minutes | Mar 27th 2019

Episode 42 - Richard Colman

In this episode, Richard Colman, a wheelchair athlete born with Spina Bifida shares his journey with us as an athlete and coach. He is currently working with the National Disability Insurance Agency NDIA). He has competed for Australia in the T53 Category in various games and championships worldwide such as the World Athletics Championships in France, the Paralympic Games in Athens, and the London Paralympic Games to name a few where he has won medals from bronze and silver to gold. In this episode we cover:  Richard’s story of his disability and how he started to get involved with sports. What is the T53 Category? His story on being the first person in a wheelchair to umpire an AFL match for the Geelong Football League in 2007 and how he travelled the Death Road in Bolivia using his racing wheelchair in 2014. His coaching and mentoring stint. Richard’s goals and dreams for people with disabilities. The workshop he runs for the NDIA. His goals for himself. Richard’s words of wisdom for listeners. Links Richard Colman Website Richard Colman Facebook Richard Colman Twitter Richard Colman YouTube Richard Colman InstagramSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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