19 minutes | Mar 13th 2019

Episode 41 - Vanessa Alford

In this episode, Vanessa Alford joins us as we talk about her story on exercise addiction, the effects it had on her and her health, and how she overcame it. Vanessa is the author of the book “Fit Not Healthy”, a former elite marathon runner, an experienced physiotherapist, public speaker, researcher and clinical manager, with an extensive background in the health and wellness industry. In this episode we cover:  Vanessa’s story about how she entered Physiotherapy, became an elite athlete and what she’s doing today. Her comments on what Psychologist and Director of Body Matters Sarah McMahon said about exercise addiction: “Exercise addiction is not well understood. Fellow athletes and those looking to shape up often romanticize exercise addiction as motivation and moral strength.” The pressure she experienced with running and the effects it had on her health. The neurological symptoms she had and her turning point to change the state she was in at that point in her life. Her recommendations for athletes today based on her own experiences. Why she feels that she wasn’t really happy when she looks back at her running career. Vanessa shares stories of how addicted she was and how running controlled her life. Her future plans. Links Fit Not Healthy Facebook Page Vanessa Alford InstagramSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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