18 minutes | Oct 2, 2020

The Pandemic’s Impact on Company Culture with Melanie Booher

SHRM’s All Things Work podcast continues to provide coverage of how the world of work is responding to the pandemic.

Company culture is often described as “how things get done around here,” and given COVID-19’s transformation of day-to-day business operations, the pandemic’s impact on company culture is indisputable.

Joining us to discuss company culture in the era of COVID is Melanie Booher. Melanie is a certified culture coach and the chief people officer at MB Consulting Solutions in Cincinnati. Since 2000, she has helped organizations achieve meaningful change in the areas of HR, operations, leadership development and business strategy by leveraging their company culture as a competitive advantage.

In this episode, hear Melanie and host Tony Lee discuss COVID-centered culture questions, such as how company culture is affected by remote work and how to create a positive culture at businesses that require employees to work on-site despite the risk of infection.

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