58 minutes | Jan 16th 2020

Finding "Mr. Right"

If you could shop for a husband at the "husband store," do you know what you would want? We're giving our thoughts on if women have unrealistic views when it comes to dating and looking for "Mr. Right," how we use each other's strengths on our journey to flourish, and knowing when to call it quits with a friendship vs. trying to work it out. We're leaving you with words of encouragement from Psalms 34:4. Email us at allthingsmelaninvt@gmail.com or slide in our DM's on Instagram at @allthingsmelanin__ to submit a question for our mentor moment segment. Subscribe to our blog at wwww.allthingsmelanin.org and connect with us on social media:Facebook: www.facebook.com/allthingsmelanintv/, Instagram:www.instagram.com/allthingsmelanin__/ , Twitter: twitter.com/melanintv_ . Be share to rate us, tag us while you listen, and share with a friend who would enjoy.