60 minutes | Nov 1, 2020

#14 Vartalap with Neel Gogia, Co-founder, IPLIX Media

Neel Gogia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neelgogia/?hl=en IPLIX Media Website: https://iplix.in/ Our guest today is notoriously known as the “Master of Sponsors” for reliably getting college events funded. In fact it was then that he realized that he had a knack for connecting brands to people. I first interacted with him when he was just starting out managing this Tech YouTuber and a couple of other vloggers. It was interesting to learn his commitment and interest in managing and recognizing YouTubers as talent and over the years we worked on several campaigns and have exchanged many conversations about the world of Influencers. Around the same time we met, he co-founded an Influencer marketing agency to make this venture of his official and has not looked back since. Please welcome Neel Gogia, Co-founder, IPLIX Media.
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