55 minutes | Nov 13th 2020

The Key is Consent

this week's guest Manny Klausner, Esq. is a mainstay, titan and pillar in the Libertarian Party! He is an expert in constitutional, election and media law and business litigation matters who was converted to the Free Market and Liberty while a student at NYU Law School. Since then he has been hugely involved with Reason Magazine, Reason Foundation, Federalist Society, Institute for Justice and the Individual Rights Foundation. If it is an important and positive Libertarian movement, Manny Klausner has his fingerprints on it. Klausner's key to a successful society: Voluntary Consent. So is our guest optimistic about our country's future in this time of a deplorable state of education in the US, both K-12 and higher education, and also with the virtual breakdown of professional journalism and honest reporting? Yes, because of the development of social media. It is up to us. Yes, we must be careful about what we believe, but censorship is not the answer. We are the answer.
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