56 minutes | Oct 2nd 2020

The Baha'i Faith: the Practical Idealists

Like your host, you probably have heard about the Baha'i faith for a long time, but don't really know much about it. Well this week's guest, Dr. Fereshteh Bethel, a doctor of psychology, will fill in all of the blanks. This religion began on May 22, 1844 in Persia (now Iran), and has about 6 million followers in more than 200 countries. And their religion is founded upon a Genuine Oneness of God and Religion, and an Equality of every human being. All races, cultures, men and women are equally important, so there is a Unity in Diversity! But, rather than indoctrinate, the Baha'i faith teaches that all human beings should not blindly follow others. Instead they should make up their own minds. Then most people logically will discover that differences among people are only a distraction, and scapegoating groups of people is wrong in God's Eyes. For more information our guest suggests we visit www.Bahai.org. But for a great outline of one of the world's profound religions, please tune in.
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