56 minutes | Dec 11th 2020

Our Libertarian Future is Secure!

In this final edition of All Rise that has a guest, listen to Seth Levy, who is a fairly young Libertarian who is amazingly sophisticated, practical and laden with insights! If you listen to his comments, you will agree with me that, with people like this, our Libertarian Future is Secure! He only works on the campaigns of people he believes in, which makes me overly proud to say that he was my campaign manager in my run for the Libertarian nomination for President in 2020. And later he was Dr. Jo Jorgensen's Special Projects Manager. So listen in and get the inside scoop about Dr. Jo's campaign for President, including the successes and the less so's. We are building for the future, and electing more and more candidates to local offices. People like Seth Levy are making it happen, and they will continue to do so! So, I am truly proud and encouraged to say, Help is on the Way!
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