53 minutes | Dec 18th 2020

Optimistic Farewell

i have been honored and even blessed for the past 91 Fridays on this VoiceAmerica Variety Channel to present and discuss important issues of our day with you and our many guests. Thank you for being a part of our Family! This will be the final broadcast of All Rise! but all past editions will be available forever at www.VoiceAmerica.com/show/3883. Please continue to listen and share our ideas with your friends. The whole idea has been to further these discussions. As you have heard, our solid theme is that if we employ Libertarian values of responsibility, hard work, live and let live and voluntary consent, we will All Rise together. And we have presented guests in the fields of education, healthcare, wars, the private sector and foundations and more who show that our approach works, and victimization, complaining, the welfare state and socialism do not. So thank you for being with us, and you can always contact me with questions, comments and suggestions at www.JudgeJimGray.com.
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