56 minutes | Aug 7th 2020

Make the System Work!

Many people today are questioning what the proper relationship is or should be between the police and the communities they serve. One man knows, and he is direct in telling us in this edition of All Rise! Steve Downing is a former Deputy Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, and he shows us what proper and effective policing looks like. Repeal the harmful and failed War on Drugs! De-militarize the police forces! Do not allow any political candidates to accept campaign contributions from any public employees unions! Request information from the people you serve as a neighbor instead of demand it as a cop! Take away responsibilities from the police for addressing issues like homelessness, mental illnesses, and drug addictions and return the police to dealing with people who are a threat to our safety and possessions. Looking for answers to many of today's problems? Tune in to this episode and you will come away with many which are principled and practical -- and effective!
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