56 minutes | Aug 21st 2020

Libertarian Dr. Jo Jorgensen for President!

Do you want to be able to vote in favor of a candidate for President instead of just against one? Do you want a President to represent all of all of the people who has actual effective ideas and plans to do just that? Do you want to be proud of your vote? Well, listen to this week's guest Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate for President, and you will have an answer to all of those questions. She has plans for excellence in Healthcare and Education for all, to represent our men and women in uniform -- and their families -- who are subjected to so many excessive foreign wars, for protecting our treasured environment, and to bring down the government deficit which will cause inflation and deep harm to our children and grandchildren! Yes, hope is at hand in the form of Libertarian Presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen! Tune in and you will be inspired to the extent that there will be no question left or right in your mind who most deserves your vote for President!
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