57 minutes | Sep 18th 2020


Ain't it awful?! Deficits that will harm our children, too many foreign wars and failing schools, a Justice system that IS too often unjust, overly-expensive healthcare systems and political polarization everywhere ! We have strayed from what works: Liberty, responsibility and private innovation and creativity. But you can be part of the solution by voting for Libertarians Jorgensen and Cohen for President and Vice President! This week's guest, VP Candidate Jeremy Spike Cohen, will show you why! This man gave himself the nickname Spike when he was a youngster, modeling it after a cartoon character who would Save the Day. And that is what he is doing now. You will find him to be an articulate speaker for the Message of Liberty who will show us all how Our Time is Now! Our country desperately needs to become unified and to regain our momentum of greatness, which is built upon our Libertarian values. So if that is what you want, and even crave: Jorgensen/Cohen is your only vote!
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