58 minutes | Aug 14th 2020

"In Tune" with Steve Lawless

Please join us and meet a truly accomplished entertainer and song-writer. Steve Lawless leads sing-a-longs from his piano, playing familiar and wonderful songs that everyone loves. Plus, just for us, he will play three of his own creative songs that are fun, but also thought-provoking. So he is one of a kind, but always in tune. In fact, now he can even give play by ear piano lessons over the telephone. (Contact him at stevendooz@aol.com.) He also was one of two partners along with your host in creating the musical Convention: the Birth of America. And he accepted the invitation to sing for us the inspirational encore You Are The We! which challenges us all regarding our precious Liberty to carry it forward, carry it on. . . Because now it is up to us. If he is a gifted success performing sing-a-longs at restaurants and on cruise ships you know you will enjoy this segment. So treat yourself, and listen in. You'll go away singing a happy song.
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