55 minutes | Sep 11th 2020

Government's Use of Fear

Fear is the best way for governments to gain power over us and to reduce our Liberty. This week's guest, Mr. Leon Weinstein, immigrated from his native USSR in 1973, first to Israel and then to America. And now he watches with deep concern how our government is getting closer to the ways of the former Soviet Union in how it reduces our Liberty. For example, do you think that any elected federal government official will ever declare that the War on Terror is over so that we can repeal the so-called Patriot Act? Mr. Weinstein also has many other wide-ranging interests, such that he wrote and staged several children's plays which compare the Free Enterprise System with other economic approaches. Guess which system came out on top. And he has also focused much of his attention upon bringing back competition for quality education and healthcare. So this Libertarian has many insights, and he has been in the trenches for all of us for years. Tune in, and you will be impressed!
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