56 minutes | Jul 31st 2020

Embrace Your Own Worthiness

Annie M. Fonte is a treasure, and she shares her insights about how to live a gratifying life with us as our guest. Taking the basic values she gained by being raised on a farm, getting an education from Harvard Business School, learning about pluck and entrepreneurship, suffering setbacks and persevering, she has become a success in every sense of the word. She also discusses her book: Keep Your Ass in the Saddle, and favors us with many successful things that can contribute to happy and gratifying lives. For example, Life happens from the inside out, not the outside in. Take charge, meditate, engage in self-love, have the freedom to fail, have a vision, stop playing small -- the treats go on and on. Your host was captivated and inspired by what this wonderful lady had to say and, if you listen to this interview, you will be too! For more information please visit www.MeetMeattheBarn.com.
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