56 minutes | Nov 20th 2020

Cannabis Revolutionary

This week's guest is Larisa Bolivar, an immigrant from Peru who was raised in Virginia by parents who fell for the DARE agenda that all marijuana use was harmful. So she and her husband became Cannabis Refugees and moved to Colorado, where she has been and is now heavily involved in the legal distribution of cannabis both for medical and recreational purposes with the Cannabis Consumers Coalition. Larisa says that not only is cannabis an anti-inflammatory, it also promotes balance in our systems, minds and spirits, and also helps our relationships with others. And legal cannabis has quality control, enforces age restrictions and does not provide dealers who want their customers to move on to hard drugs. But she also has first-hand experience in seeing how many governments are putting needless licensing requirements onto legitimate distributors, which mostly crowds out small businesses. This is a timely issue presented by a most knowledgeable lady.
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