55 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

An Education about Marijuana from Two True Pioneers

What is still the largest cash crop in California, and many other states as well? Marijuana, otherwise known as Cannabis or Hemp. How have many of our states changed their laws about this product? In many ways due to the efforts of our two pioneering guests, Mr. Chris Conrad and his wife Ms. Mikki Norris. Hear how California's Prop. 215 allowing medical doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients was passed in 1996. Learn what the benefits and drawbacks are of using marijuana, as well as the benefits of industrial hemp. And hear as our guests compare the approach to marijuana by Holland as opposed to that of the US. And also hear of the genuine harms that have been unnecessarily inflicted upon so many people by our nation's failed policy of Drug Prohibition. Yes, you can read about these things in their books Hemp: Lifeline to the Future, and Shattered Lives. But, better yet, listen to them tell you directly.
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