57 minutes | Nov 27th 2020

America is a perfect idea. The US of A is a Work in Progress.

Our guest is an expert in the history of our Constitutional Convention, and came up with the idea to use my new musical, Convention: the Birth of America as the theme for a new show called Becoming America. America is a Perfect Idea. The United States of America is a Work in Progress. That captures who we are! We use each of the musical's 17 songs as a basis for a 1-hour show explaining the issues involved in the Convention, the pressures on the Delegates, and what life was like at that time. So listen as our guest Dr. Jo Ellen Chatham explains the lasting significance of our 1787 Constitutional Convention! She shares her knowledge and insights to many of us who in many regards have lost our way. We have a proud history, and live in a country that was born from the idea of self-government and Liberty. This has never happened before or since. We rightfully should be proud and supportive of who we are, and who we are becoming! So join me in pledging allegiance to our Constitution!
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