57 minutes | Sep 25th 2020

A True Guardian Angel!

Raised in a terribly abusive family, placed in 18 foster homes between ages 13 and 18, kicked out of the system at age 18 with no resources, human-trafficked, prostituted, drug-addicted, raped and left for dead. So how could this week's guest, Ms. Lauri Burns, have survived, much less become a genuine Guardian Angel for hundreds of young ladies who suffered a similar fate? Learn Lauri's story and, just like your host, you will have tears in your eyes. Her motto: Go Big or Go Home! And she has gone big by succeeding in a Fortune 500 company, founding The Teen Project, which has transformed the lives and futures of more than 1640 similarly-abused young ladies, and fostering 40 young ladies in her own home. Lauri said: At first I thought God hated me to put me in this life. But, she goes on, now I know he was just setting me up to serve others. Read her story in her book Punished for Purpose or, better yet, tune in to this interview -- because this is a truly special lady!
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