30 minutes | Oct 12, 2020

Vote (If You Want To & Can)

Today is Indigenous Peoples' Day, and today is a good day to talk about how we can protect and uplift our communities. One way we can do that is by voting. That is a complicated suggestion for Native America, and on this episode, we discuss why. Vote to make Indigenous voices heard. Vote because informed voting is activism. Vote for our ancestors that died for the right to do it. Vote because even though this isn’t our system, it is the system we live within. Vote for land back. Vote for Missing and Murdered Women. Vote to protect our right to choose. Vote for our bodies. Vote for critical race theory. Vote for family. Vote to take down the wall. Vote because we live in a settler colonial state, but it’s still Turtle Island.++++Special Thanks to @maxlevin for the music on this episode. Huge thanks to @teoelisio. Amazing artwork by @ciarasana. And thanks to our small powerhouse team, Will, Lindsey and @kristinbolan. Resources mentioned in the podcast:How to develop your voting plan, resources for absentee ballots, rules, and more: Votesaveamerica.com  NCAI infographic about Native voting power: http://www.ncai.org/initiatives/campaigns/NCAI_NativeVoteInfographic.pdf New podcast from NDN collective about voting: SkoVOTEDenhttps://ndncollective.org/sko-vote-den-why-voting-in-ndn-country-matters-and-a-new-podcast-hosted-jade-begay/ Info, art, and resources for Native Vote 2020:https://nativesvote2020.com/History of Native voting rights: https://vote.narf.org/  Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/amrpodcast)
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